Case Digest: The importance of the written word – delays in moving (Heaven) and Earth

In Lucas Earthmovers Pty Limited v Anglogold Ashanti Australia Limited [2019] FCA 1049, the Federal Court of Australia considered several issues that typically arise in large-scale resources projects. In so doing, it reinforced the sanctity of the agreed bargain between the parties and highlighted the inherent difficulties in proving the oft-claimed, but rarely successful, misleading and deceptive conduct claims under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Continue reading

Construction Contract & Claims Management Podcast Series: How to Prepare for a Potential Construction Dispute

Given the complexity of issues and the amounts that are typically involved in construction disputes, preparing early and properly for a potential construction dispute is an important process, but one which can be time-consuming and expensive. Preparing for a potential construction dispute where a formal dispute is likely, but may or may not ultimately arise, can therefore be a balancing act. So how can a party best prepare itself in these circumstances?

The London Construction & Infrastructure Group are pleased to share the latest episode in our ‘Construction Contract & Claims Management’ podcast series which explores how to prepare for a potential construction dispute.

This episode can be found on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

This episode is also accompanied by a checklist which sets out some of the key matters to be considered when a potential construction dispute is on the horizon. The checklist can be viewed and downloaded here.

The next episode in the series will discuss how to navigate settlement discussions and prepare settlement agreements in the context of construction claims and disputes.

Previous episodes in the series can be found on our website.

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