In the latest episode in our public M&A podcast series, we look at recent situations where we have seen shareholders influence a bid situation, including by:

  • encouraging M&A;
  • affecting M&A; or
  • threatening M&A.

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Our public M&A podcast series

All our UK public M&A podcasts are available on our public M&A podcast page. In earlier episodes we discuss:

  • formal sale processes;
  • standards of disclosure on public M&A;
  • statements of intention;
  • conditions to an offer and when a condition can be invoked;
  • public to private (or P2P) bids;
  • the influence of target shareholders on a bid;
  • how the UK Takeover Code applies in a distressed situation;
  • the Takeover Panel consultation paper on conditions to an offer and the offer
  • timetable; and
  • public M&A activity in 2020 and what we expect to see in 2021.
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