Call for evidence on non-financial reporting and proposed reforms to employment law

The government has published a call for evidence on non-financial reporting. It has also published further details of the proposed reforms to employment law announced in its policy paper earlier in May 2023 on non-compete clauses and retained EU employment law on working time regulations and TUPE Regulations. These proposals build on the Smarter regulation to grow the economy policy paper which set … Read more

Amendment to proposal to sunset retained EU law

The government has published a written statement announcing that it has tabled an amendment to the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill that removes the provision in the Bill which would have revoked almost all retained EU law at the end of 2023. In order to avoid leaving gaps in the UK legal system when the UK … Read more

Retained EU law – Bill will sunset the majority of retained EU Law

The Government has also laid the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill in Parliament today. In order to avoid leaving gaps in the UK legal system when the UK withdrew from the EU, the body of EU law in force at the end of 2020 was imported into UK law, and the UK legislation … Read more

Financial Services and Markets Bill 2022-23 published

A Financial Services and Markets Bill has been published as part of the government’s Future Regulatory Framework Review (FRF Review). The FRF Review was established to determine how the UK’s financial services regulatory framework should be amended post-Brexit. The Bill covers a wide range of topics including revoking EU retained laws relating to financial services and markets. For listed … Read more

The future of retained EU law in the UK

The Government has announced plans to pass a Brexit-related bill to make it easier to amend or repeal “retained EU law”, and end the special status of historic EU law in the UK. It has also launched a call for evidence as part of its review of retained EU law. In order to avoid leaving … Read more

The UK Listing Review

The government has published the outcome of the Review of the UK listing regime undertaken by Lord Hill. The Review, which was launched in November 2020, was set up to look at possible reforms to the UK listing regime that would attract the most innovative and successful firms and help companies access the finance they need … Read more

Consolidated corporate update July to December 2020

We have published our half-yearly update briefing which summarises the major developments in UK corporate law and regulation that have occurred over the last six months, that is from July to December 2020, and which are of relevance to UK listed companies. The briefing is available here. Read more