Payment practices – statutory review of the regulations published

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published its statutory review of the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations 2017. This follows its call for evidence on the Regulations issued in November 2021 (see our blog post here). Large UK companies and LLPs are required to report on their payment practices, policies and … Read more

Drafting contracts – key lessons from 2021

In our annual contract law update we consider a number of interesting contract law cases from 2021 which highlight key points for those involved in drafting or managing contracts. The cases we have chosen deal with formation, interpretation, frustration and force majeure, penalties, exclusion and limitation clauses, entire agreement clauses, execution and notice provisions. In … Read more

Law Commission paper on smart legal contracts

The Law Commission has published a paper which confirms that English law can accommodate smart legal contracts without the need for statutory reform. Smart legal contracts are legally binding contracts in which some or all obligations are performed automatically by a computer program that is usually run on a blockchain network. They are touted as … Read more

Supreme Court rejects claim against Google for unlawful processing of data

The Supreme Court has held that a claim for compensation under the Data Protection Act 1998 cannot proceed on an “opt-out basis” in the high profile Lloyd v Google LLC case. In doing so, it overturned the Court of Appeal’s decision, which would have opened the floodgates for class actions relating to loss of control … Read more

Payment practices reporting – call for evidence

BEIS has published a call for evidence on the payment practices reporting regulations. Large UK companies and LLPs are required to report on their payment practices, policies and performance every six months and submit that report to a government-hosted website for publication. The aim is to increase transparency and public scrutiny of large businesses’ payment … Read more

Scottish independence – impact for businesses

As we approach the 2021 Scottish Parliament election on 6 May, the debate around a second referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country is firmly back on the political agenda. We have published a series of articles on the impacts of Scottish independence for businesses. Topics covered so far include: the effect on … Read more

Our practical guide to remedies for breach of contract

Establishing that a counterparty is in breach of contract is only the first hurdle to obtaining proper redress. It is just as important for the innocent party to show that it has suffered a loss as a result of the breach, and to prove what that loss is, or to establish that it should be … Read more