Recent additions to Corporate Notes

Recent additions to our Corporate Notes blog include a summary of the new rules and guidance for listed companies on climate-related disclosures (including our updated briefings for listed and large private companies), the National Security & Investment Act 2021 and a look at our 2022 global M&A report. We have also published our half-yearly round-up, … Read more

Preparing your annual report and AGM notice in 2022

A key focus for many UK listed companies at this time of year is finalising their annual report and preparing for their annual general meeting. This snapshot considers developments and issues arising in practice over the last 12 months which impact on the 2021 annual report and the AGM in 2022. The key new reporting … Read more

Half-yearly corporate update – our latest briefing

We have published our half-yearly update briefing which summarises the major developments in UK corporate law and regulation that have occurred over the last six months, that is from July to December 2021, and which are of relevance to UK listed companies. The briefing is available here. Read more

Our 2022 global M&A report

We have published our latest annual global M&A report titled ‘M&A in 2022: FOMO overcomes FOGO’. With full year figures for 2021 confirming record levels of M&A activity globally, our report identifies continued drivers for strong activity in 2022. It also looks at some of the most important legal issues in global dealmaking: ESG taking … Read more

National Security & Investment Act 2021 now in force

The National Security and Investment Act 2021 came into force on 4 January 2022. The Act gives the UK Government power to scrutinise a wide range of transactions on national security grounds. Key points to note are: notification of transactions will be mandatory in some sectors. Failure to notify when required will result in the … Read more

Final FCA rules on climate-related financial disclosures by standard listed companies and revised guidance for all companies

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a Policy Statement (PS21/23) and final rules and guidance in relation to climate-related financial disclosures for standard listed companies. It has also updated its guidance on climate-related disclosures for premium and standard listed companies. Rules for standard listed companies Under new Listing Rule 14.3.27R, standard listed companies are … Read more