DEVELOPMENTS IN SOUTH AFRICA Competition commission initiates a market inquiry into the online intermediation platform market Competition commission publishes final guidelines for competition in the South African automotive market The commission is consulting stakeholders in respect of proposed codes of conduct in the food supply chain The CCSA finalises it’s inquiry into the land based … Read more

Constitutional Court weakens the statute of limitation against the prosecution of a prohibited practice more than three years after it has ceased

On 24 June 2020, the Constitutional Court (“Court”) issued its decision in the Competition Commission’s appeal from the Competition Appeal Court (“CAC”) in Competition Commission v Pickfords Removals SA (Pty) Ltd (CCT123/19) [2020] ZACC 14. The judgment dealt with: the effective date of complaint initiation into a prohibited practice in circumstances where a firm was … Read more

South Africa uses competition laws to facilitate its response to COVID-19

Following our recent post on COVID-19 and its impact on competition law in Europe, South Africa has added its name to the list of countries using competition laws as a tool both to facilitate the healthcare response to the pandemic and protect consumers from exploitation. On 15 March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was declared to … Read more

2019 African competition law year in review

The below brief addresses a number of interesting developments that occurred in the competition space across Africa during the course of 2019. In South Africa, we consider the amendments to the Competition Act, the enforcement approach to the new buyer power and price discrimination provisions, outcomes of the market inquiries into private healthcare, the grocery … Read more

South African authorities take key step towards enforcement of novel price discrimination and buyer power provisions

The South African competition authorities this month took an important step towards enforcing novel price discrimination and buyer power provisions contained in the Competition Amendment Act No.18 of 2018 (Amendment Act), with the publication of draft Regulations (here) and Guidelines (here and here) by the Minister of Trade and Industry (Minister) and the Competition Commission … Read more