There is no hiding from the fact that technology is changing the landscape of dispute resolution. Our latest podcast series “Revolution or evolution?” explores where, how and why this is happening.

Episode 1 “Fences and ambulances” talks about IT contracts and key themes we encounter when things don’t turn out as planned and parties find themselves in dispute – or teetering on the edge of one. In three short episodes we discuss avoiding and managing disputes and the contractual tools parties can deploy. We think of these tools working either as fences at the top of the cliff, or as ambulances at the bottom.

All three episodes together can be listened to here.

The rest of the series will cover topics including:

  • Collaboration disputes
  • Investment protection and state immunity
  • Trade secrets and their role in protecting innovation
  • Software audit disputes and data licensing disputes
  • Data related issues, incl cyber, data security and insurance
  • Reputation management issues
  • Forms of DR for technology disputes
  • Human rights issues relevant to tech companies

We do hope that you enjoy listening to these podcasts.