New regulation strengthens cyber supply chain security in China

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and eleven other ministries jointly published the Cybersecurity Review Measures (Review Measures) on 13 April 2020. These replace the previous regulations on the security review of network products and services (click here for our comments on the previous regulations) and impose more stringent scrutiny over the cyber supply chain of critical information infrastructure … Read more

China Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Monthly Update – May 2020

In this bulletin we summarise recent updates relating to cybersecurity and data protection in China to keep you updated on developments. We focus on four areas: regulatory developments, enforcement developments, industry developments and international developments. For further detail, please see our update here.   Read more


Cryptocurrency exchanges are a significant target for hackers, and there are numerous well-documented examples of significant amounts of cryptocurrency being taken in attacks.  This frequently gives rise to issues of liability and recovery for the individuals who were holding their cryptocurrency with the exchange in question, and the precise basis on which the exchange is … Read more

UK Government publishes results to the annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey (“CSBS”) is an annual study of UK businesses and charities that began in 2015. The latest CSBS was conducted during the winter of 2019/2020 and the results published on 25 March 2020. The CSBS influences how the government shapes future policy, allows organisations to compare their cyber security with others … Read more

Contractors on high alert after cyber attack on Bouygues Construction

On 30 January 2020, the French construction company, Bouygues Construction, was hit by a ransomware-type attack on their computer network. In subsequent press-releases Bouygues reported that it had taken all of its information systems offline as a precautionary measure to prevent further propagation of the attack, and advised that operational activity on its construction sites … Read more

Cyber Security Matters: Arbitration Away From Prying Eyes

One of the many reasons that companies choose to resolve disputes through arbitration over court litigation is the ability to keep their disputes and the outcome of their disputes private. Arbitration is often chosen to resolve highly sensitive disputes, and being a truly international dispute resolution process, a single arbitration can involve participants from across … Read more

China publishes first law on encryption

The new Encryption Law, China’s first national law on encryption, was published on 26 October 2019 and will come into force on 1 January 2020. It broadens the current regulatory scope of encryption, liberalises commercial encryption at national-law level and proposes a market-oriented regulatory regime for the commercial encryption industry. Foreign and foreign-invested enterprises are given … Read more