EP4: What’s next for class actions?

In this episode, our expert panel, including Peter Butler, Alan Mitchell and Leah Watterson, share their thoughts on what’s next for class actions, having regard to emerging trends, the current economic climate and Covid-19.



About this series

Our series charting group actions in Australia brings you the latest developments in accessible video and podcast form.

Join our leading class action experts for an informal discussion as they unpack the headlines, explain the issues and share their views on the latest class action developments. In this series, we present 15-20 minute sessions designed to bring you quickly up to speed, in what is a significant and rapidly changing area of risk for Australian organisations.

Listen to the series here. 

Key contacts

Peter Butler
Peter Butler
Partner, Sydney
+61 2 9225 5686
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell
Partner, Melbourne
+61 3 9288 1401
Leah Watterson
Leah Watterson
Executive Counsel, Melbourne
+61 3 9288 1849