Navigating contract disputes: 10 tips for first steps

    Contract disputes are increasingly common in our unpredictable world. What should you do when it looks like you are heading into a dispute? Being proactive can help you to potentially resolve the issue before it evolves into something bigger and protect your position if the situation escalates. We set out below key considerations for the early stages of a contract dispute. Read more

    Connecting the dots: Global perspectives of insurance, litigation and risk mitigation

    This webinar explores global litigation risk issues, insurance and risk mitigation, featuring: Anne Hoffmann, a Partner specialising in insurance, financial services and cyber; Paul Lewis, HSF’s London-based Global Co-Head of Disputes and a commercial and insurance litigation specialist; Melissa Gladstone, a Partner specialising in class actions and regulatory issues; Mark Smyth, a Partner specialising in … Read more

    LPP – The Legal Privilege Podcast: EP3 Disclosure and waiver in investigations

    By Bryony Adams, Harry Edwards, Hugh Paynter and Patrick Clark As our hypothetical whistleblower investigation draws to a close, we discuss how to maintain privilege in materials created as part of an investigation both during and after the investigation has concluded, including where regulators or other third parties may seek access. We also explore the tricky area of disclosure … Read more