Welcome to our new look Employment Notes

Welcome to our new look Employment Notes. Our blog has recently been updated with a new design.  As well as a new look, the subscription process of our blog has recently been updated. Our blog now offers the opportunity to… Read more

APAC: Probationary Periods

Our Asia comparative article this month considers the use of probationary periods across the region – see the comparison here. Read more

Taiwan: Changes to Labour Dispute Resolution Mechanism

On 9 November 2018, the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan passed the third reading of the Labour Procedure Act ("LPA"). The LPA sets out procedural requirements for labour disputes. In particular, the LPA governs the process of establishing ationation proceedings, provisional… Read more

Compliance Check: China – Social Insurance Obligations

Under PRC law, employers are required to pay social insurance premiums for employees. The social insurance premiums cover basic endowment, medical, employment–related injury, unemployment and maternity insurance. Non-compliance with these requirements can result in administrative penalties, claims by employees and… Read more

Japan: Improving the Treatment of Non Regular Workers

While Japan has seen an increase in the number of non-regular workers (part-time, fixed-term or dispatched workers), the terms and conditions of employment have traditionally been inferior to those offered to regular employees. Japan has recently amended the Act on… Read more

Hong Kong: Disciplinary Procedures & Privilege

Two recent English decisions highlight the particular challenges when managing legal professional privilege in the context of resolving employee issues. We consider these decisions and how the principles may apply in Hong Kong in relation to dominant purpose, waiver and… Read more

Australia: Podcast: Labor’s 2019 Reforms – Our Analysis

As part of Herbert Smith Freehills’ series on the employment and industrial relations reforms leading up to the Australian federal election, this inaugural podcast focuses on the Australian Labor Party’s policy platform. It’s essential listening for HR professionals to assist… Read more

UK: communicating with employees on maternity leave

Employers should ensure they agree in advance how and how often they will communicate with an employee while on maternity leave (or indeed other periods of longer family-related leave), particularly if the employee will be at risk of redundancy during… Read more

Australia: Industry Bargaining – the Impossible Dream?

Multi-employer bargaining is high on the ALP’s “to do” list if it wins the election, leading to speculation about the prospect of ‘industry bargaining’ under an ALP Government. The third article in our Federal Election series looks into industry bargaining.… Read more

Australia: Superannuation Guarantee and Annual Leave Loading

Our financial services team have posted an update on compliance obligations for annual leave loading and superannuation guarantee obligations. Click here to discover more. In addition, our colleagues at Greenwoods + Herbert Smith Freehills have posted their article Superannuation Guarantee owed… Read more

Australia: Federal Election Reforms

We're delighted to have launched our Australian Federal Election Reforms - IR Policy and the 2019 Federal Election hub. Look forward to weekly additions to this site focusing on the practical impacts for business in the face of the upcoming… Read more

France: Recent and Upcoming Labour Reforms

Several important employment law reforms have come into force recently or will come into force shortly, both at the EU and French level. Below are some of the changes to expect for 2019: ... Read more

France: Gender Pay Gap

A recent law (law n°2018-771 dated 5 September 2018) has implemented a new obligation for companies of more than 50 employees to publish each year (through their website or by any means as long as their employees are informed of… Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions & Incentives Update

Authors: Fatim Jumabhoy, Partner, Singapore, Rebecca Lim, This month we take a look at some upcoming changes to the employment law landscape in South Korea: read about those changes here. We also consider the requirements to hire disabled employees in… Read more

Taiwan: Hiring Disabled Employees

In a bid to increase the diversity of workforces, and increase access to employment for those with disabilities, Taiwan has a quota for the number of disabled employees. We take a look at how this works in practice. ... Read more