Arbitration in the UK of Employment Disputes – webinar

Resolving employment disputes has traditionally been the domain of employment tribunals and the High Court (or county court).  Complaints about both systems have grown in recent years, with criticism centring on poor case management, delay and recoverability of costs.  Partly as a result, there is a growing trend to submit employment disputes to arbitration, as this offers a number of advantages.  Although not suitable for every case, arbitration can prove useful for all manner of employment disputes, as diverse as team moves and restrictive covenants, whistleblowing cases, deferred remuneration and bonus disputes, terminations and discrimination. 

At this webinar Paul Goulding QC and Peter Frost, both of whom have considerable experience arbitrating employment disputes,  examine the pros and cons, and explain the basics of the arbitration agreement and process.

To view the webinar, recorded on 24 June 2014 click here.