A sign of the times or just business as usual?

Surveying the current landscape of the financial sector in late 2022, it is hard to avoid the sense of an industry once again facing a severe squeeze. One thing is certain: global finance is currently facing mounting pressure to invest long-term for a low-carbon, high-tech world in the decades to come, while bracing itself for intense economic headwinds and volatility on the immediate horizon.

Those conflicting pressures can be seen in almost all aspects of the industry, but perhaps none more so than in the life blood of finance: its people. Against this backdrop, ‘Banking on People’ delves deeper into the people-centric strategic issues banks are grappling with, including the industry’s ability to attract and retain talent; the risks and reward of AI-assisted banking; the rise of activism; and the increased regulatory scrutiny on culture and conduct, as well as featuring insights from bank GCs on the evolving role of in-house legal teams.

You’ll find all of these challenges and more explored in this edition of the Global Bank Review, our sixth annual review drawing on a wealth of sector experience from across our network. Getting through the squeeze will require insight, judgement, and a keen grip on a changing risk environment. We hope this edition helps you navigate the journey.

Read our report here.

The report covers:

  • All change – The evolving role of banks’ in-house legal teams. Read more.
  • #CustomerIsKing – Banks strive to stay relevant and satisfy regulators in the social media age. Read more.
  • What lies beneath – Cyber threats and manager liability. Read more.
  • Power plays – Have social shifts upended the old-age bargain banks make with staff? Read more.
  • Ghosts in the machine – the rewards and risks of AI-assisted banking. Read more. 
  • Calm under pressure – The chair’s strategic role as activists target AGMs. Read more. 
  • Unchartered territories – A time for brave leadership. Read more. 
  • Non-financial misconduct – Where to draw the blurry line? Read more. 


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