Australia: Annualised Wages in Modern Awards – A New Approach

The model clauses proposed by the Fair Work Commission are fundamentally different from the previous clauses, and indeed from any regulation previously proposed. They require a radically different approach. They are extremely prescriptive. They will impose a number of significant administrative burdens on employers covered by those awards. These administrative burdens will undoubtedly impact the … Read more

Australia: Industrial Relations Law Reform Agenda

We’ve had such a demand for our summary of the proposed industrial relations reforms we’ve decided to make them publicly available. These unique resources are the result of dedicated research and updating by Senior Associate Wendy Fauvel and Solicitor Natassia Smith, and are the only guides you need to understand the detail of each party’s industrial … Read more

Australia: A Mega Boost for the Mega Projects of the Future

At a business breakfast in Perth on Wednesday 15 May 2019, Bill Shorten announced an important policy the Australian Labor Party (ALP) will pursue if it achieves Government after this weekend’s election. The initiative will enable greenfield enterprise agreements to be struck for a period which covers the whole of the construction of what he … Read more

Australia: Podcast on proposed whistleblower legislation reforms

As part of HSF’s series on the employment and industrial relations reforms leading up to the Australian Federal Election, our latest podcast focuses on the proposed reforms to whistleblower legislation and how similar laws have operated in the US, including the impact they have had upon business. It’s essential listening to assist understanding of the … Read more

Australia: Industrial Relations Law Reform Agenda

Having difficulty cutting across the campaigning to focus on the actual policies of each party? Herbert Smith Freehills have prepared and continually updated a broad summary of the proposed industrial relations reforms publicly announced by the Liberal Party and the Australian Labor Party (ALP). Click here to discover more. Read more

Australia: After the Election: Changes to Safety Right of Entry?

The paucity of detail on the ALP’s law reform agenda in respect of right of entry could mean one of two things. No significant reform is planned, or details of proposed reforms will not be released until after the election. We expect the latter is more likely. Click here to read the latest article in … Read more