Australia: JobKeeper 2.0: here’s what it means

The Federal Treasury undertook a three-month review of the current JobKeeper scheme (Current Scheme) in June 2020. The review found that whilst the Current Scheme met its initial objectives to support businesses and job survival, the labour market remains weak in Australia and in need of further macroeconomic support. In light of the review’s findings, … Read more

Australia: BOOT-beware: Full Bench once again emphasises the complexity involved with BOOT assessments in considering approval of Swissport’s ‘loaded’ rates agreement

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) recently revisited the principles for determining whether an enterprise agreement passes the ‘better off overall test’ (BOOT) in relation to an enterprise agreements with ‘loaded rates’. In doing so they further emphasised the complex nature of the enterprise bargaining provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 … Read more

Australia: Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions – Navigating the current rules for employers

Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions came into proper effect from 11:59pm, Wednesday 5 August 2020. Although the restrictions significantly impact a substantial number of businesses across metropolitan Melbourne, attempting to navigate the framework involves reviewing a myriad of sources, including formal directions, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidance material, supporting documents and materials. This … Read more

Australia: “What is the ruin of a person’s quality of life worth?”: Hughes v Hill confirms the upward trend in damages for sexual harassment

In Hughes v Hill, the Full Federal Court emphatically dismissed a solicitor’s appeal against a finding that he had sexually harassed a paralegal and against damages which he asserted were “manifestly excessive”. In doing so, the Court made it clear that the highest level of damages (both general and aggravated) will be available – and justified … Read more

Australia: New COVID-19 notification requirements for Victorian employers

The Victorian Government has responded to the second surge in Covid-19 cases, by expanding the existing notification duty on employers to now require notification to WorkSafe of cases of COVID-19 among their employees and contractors. Under the expanded definition of a notifiable incident, Victorian employers that become aware that an employee or an independent contractor … Read more

Australia: Changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker – What you need to know

The Australian Government has announced that it will extend the JobKeeper Payment scheme until 28 March 2021, subject to modifications to tighten employer eligibility and a phased reduction in the JobKeeper payment rate. Employers should consider how these changes might impact their existing or future workforce management strategies. The JobKeeper Payment scheme has been extended … Read more

Australia: Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce – Report

Last week, the Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce released its report into the ‘on-demand’ workforce in the Victorian labour market (the Report). This inquiry was commissioned by the Victorian Government in 2018 following widespread concern over the wages and conditions offered to workers in the gig economy. Overall, the Report finds that that many … Read more