Hong Kong: How far does the Labour Tribunal’s duty to investigate extend?

Two recent Court of First Instance decisions in Hong Kong – Fung Tsun Tong v A Link Network (HK) Ltd (Fung Tsun Tong) and Vermeerbergen Peter Alfred v Swisstribe Ltd (Vermeerbergen) – explored the nature and extent of the Hong Kong Labour Tribunal's inquisitorial role in employment disputes. In doing so, the court made it … Read more

Singapore: Tripartism Updates

Labour policy in Singapore has long been handled collaboratively by the Government, employee unions and employers in what is known as the tripartism movement. This movement has now been formalised through the setting up of a corporate body, Tripartite Alliance Limited (TAL), which will subsume the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Practices (TAFEP) as … Read more

Singapore: Employment claims tribunal to be established by April 2017

Following the passage of legislation on 16 August 2016, the new Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT) will commence hearing salary-related disputes between employees and employers from April next year. Accessibility The ECT will be accessible by workers at all salary levels, including those who do not come under the Employment Act, such as professionals, managers and … Read more