Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update June 2020

As workplaces are slowly beginning to re-open, new challenges arise for employment law and HR teams. Our Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives update this month looks at: the various measures introduced by the Department of Labour and Employment measures introduced in the Philippines, to preserve employment during the Covid-19 pandemic the conflicting views around whether the … Read more

UK: tribunal can order disclosure of documents by party outside Great Britain

The EAT has ruled for the first time that an employment tribunal in Great Britain can order disclosure of documents by a party who is outside Great Britain, even though the relevant tribunal rule only provides that the tribunal “may order any person in Great Britain to disclose documents or information”. The EAT rejected the … Read more

UK: Law Commission recommends extension of employment tribunal jurisdictions

The Law Commission report ‘Employment Law Hearing Structures’ has made a number of recommendations extending the powers and jurisdiction of employment tribunals.  Although the Law Commission has no power to change the law, its recommendations are expected to be considered by the Government in due course. The recommendations include: widening employment tribunals’ jurisdiction to include … Read more