UK: Modern Slavery Act supply chain reporting obligation comes into force

A new UK supply chain reporting obligation came into force on 29 October 2015. Any large (worldwide turnover of £36 million or more) commercial organisation carrying on business in the UK, wherever incorporated, is required to comply. We issued a briefing on the new reporting requirement in August 2015. An update of that briefing, which … Read more

Germany: Ongoing efforts by authorities to prevent ‘false self-employment’

For decades German companies have been engaging freelancers instead of or in addition to regular employees to achieve more flexibility, save social contributions and avoid bureaucratic burdens. While in many cases this practice is neither illegal nor illegitimate, social security offices and tax authorities have become increasingly anxious to counteract so called “false self-employment”. Read more

Thailand: Outsourced workers’ protection

Sub-contracting arrangements have often been favoured by business operators in Thailand to address fluctuating workforce needs and reduce labour costs. In 2008, following a string of complaints by outsourced workers alleging exploitation at the hands of business operators, a new section 11/1 was introduced into the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (LPA) to clarify the … Read more