Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update March 2020

Our Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives update this month looks at: our live webinar that discussed the continued impact of COVID-19 across the region and some of the challenges faced by businesses and organisations; In Indonesia, the proposals outlined in the draft Omnibus Bill on Job Creation, including among other things, widespread changes to termination … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update February 2020

Our Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives update this month looks at: the initial public holiday changes and subsequent extensions issued by various provinces in China, following the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus; an overview of changes to various employment legislation in South Korea, including changes to the Equal Employment Opportunity and Work-Family Balance Assistance Act, the … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update December 2019

Our final Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives update for 2019 looks at: the changes to immigration policies in China, that came into effect 1 August 2019 and relax the requirements for highly-skilled foreign workers and students which had previously been in place; in Malaysia, the amendments outlined in the Industrial Relations Bill which while not … Read more

South Korea: Labour Management Councils

The Act On The Promotion Of Worker Participation and Cooperation (“Act”) requires that companies and their employees consult with each other in order to promote a harmonious work environment by establishing Labour Management Councils (“LMC”). This article examines what this means for businesses operating in South Korea. Read more

South Korea: Compliance Check – Korean Labor Management Council

Certain employers operating in Korea are required to have a Labor Management Council (LMC). The purpose of the LMC is to promote harmonious relations between companies and their employees by providing a consultative body utilised by both employees and the company. We discuss the key requirements of an LMC below. Read more

Hong Kong: Apology legislation – unlocking the power of “sorry”

By its very nature, the relationship between employer and employee is unique. Employment provides not only financial rewards, but can be a source of social status and a measure of self-worth. It is hardly surprising then, that when a dispute arises between an employer and employee, emotions can run high. In this context, the value … Read more

Asia: Mandatory Employment Policies

HR practitioners will be aware that work rules are mandatory in certain jurisdictions in Asia once an employer reaches a specified number of employees. However, an often-overlooked area is whether employers must or should establish other types of employment-related policies in addition to such work rules. Read more

Asia: The Role of Unions

Unions are becoming increasingly prevalent across Asia. Here we take a look at which aspects of the employment relationship unions may be involved in Singapore, Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. Read more