Australia: COVID-19 – This week in Employment (9 April 2020)

This week has been characterised by a number of significant and unprecedented changes in the employment landscape. Over the next couple of weeks, the main one that we expect many businesses will be grappling with is the JobKeeper legislation that passed through Parliament last night and received royal assent today. Although the rules supporting the … Read more

UK: timing of COVID-19 job retention scheme claims and further guidance for employers on social distancing

This morning Jim Harra, First Permanent Secretary and Chief Executive, HMRC, and Cerys McDonald, Director, CV-19 policy co-ordination, HMRC, gave evidence to the Treasury Committee on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. The evidence included that: HMRC is iterating the eligibility guidance in an almost live fashion as they receive feedback with specific examples – so … Read more

UK: updates to Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance; webinar 7 April

On 4 April HMRC added to their guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.  The additional text does clarify a few of the questions as to how HMRC intend the scheme to operate, although inevitably some remain.  The main changes are: in what appears now to be a condition of accessing the scheme, the guidance … Read more

Australia: COVID-19 – This week in Employment

In this summary, we bring you our most recent insights for the week on immediate and evolving employment issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Drew Pearson, Partner in our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team, explores the JobKeeper Payment announcement and the latest employment implications in our COVID-19 Webinar series. We have also … Read more

COVID-19: People: UK Job Retention Scheme

At the end of last week the HMRC published more details on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme announced on 20 March, available here.   Our detailed briefing available here sets out the key points from the new guidance and discusses some of the issues and unanswered questions that arise.  Of course the definitive position will only … Read more

COVID-19: People – key issues for UK employers

All employers will clearly be concerned about the impact on their staff and business of the COVID-19 outbreak.  In addition to ensuring employees have a safe place to work, employers will need to facilitate remote working where possible and devise plans to deal with possible resourcing and supply chain issues, including considering the implications of … Read more

UK: new family-friendly rights proposed

In July 2019 the Government published its response to a consultation on extending redundancy protections to those on family leave, but without specifying any particular timetable for doing so. Currently women on maternity leave are given priority over any suitable alternative vacancies should their role be made redundant. An employer’s failure to offer any such … Read more

UK/EU: ECJ ruling highlights the potential for discrimination claims if benefits based on salary are reduced to reflect temporarily reduced pay

In RE v Praxair MRC SAS the European Court of Justice has ruled that the calculation of compensation payments for dismissal and redeployment of an employee on a full-time contract, who was on part-time parental leave (as permitted under French law), must be carried out on the basis of the full-time salary.  Calculating these payments based on … Read more