UK: Collective redundancy consultation – resignation in response to pay cut counts towards consultation threshold

In applying the threshold for collective redundancy consultation obligations of 20 proposed dismissals, all dismissals which are for a reason unrelated to the individual concerned count. This includes dismissals and re-engagements in order to change terms of employment; the ECJ has now confirmed that it also includes an employee resigning in response to an employer … Read more

UK: Appeal news – collective redundancies, tribunal fees

The ECJ has confirmed that it will deliver its ruling on the UK trigger for collective redundancy consultation in the Woolworths case on 30 April 2015 – see here for further details. The Court of Appeal is due to consider UNISON's challenge to the employment tribunal fees regime in June 2015. Leave to appeal the … Read more

PRC: Draft Rules issued on employee redundancy

Employee redundancies have become more common in recent times. In response, the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has issued the draft Rules regarding Employee Redundancy by Enterprises (the "Draft"). The Draft was issued on 31 December 2014. Read more

Australia: Clarification of requirements for ‘genuine redundancy’

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has ruled on the requirements for a ‘genuine redundancy’ and the modern award consultation obligation to give prompt consideration to issues raised by an employee during redundancy discussions, finding that employers must consider all issues raised by an employee before the redundancy takes effect. Read more

Asia: Comparing employment laws across the region

We asked our lawyers to tell us three need-to-know employment law facts in Singapore, Hong Kong, PRC, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Japan. The results show that while there are some similarities across the region, there are also some very interesting differences. The table can be accessed here. Read more

UK: Remuneration – deduction of training costs from final salary payment on termination could lead to breach of national minimum wage regulations

Deductions from a final salary payment to repay training costs can only be ignored when calculating whether the employee has received the national minimum wage if the repayment is under a contractual right and due as a result of the employee’s misconduct or other conduct for which the employee is responsible (such as a voluntary … Read more