Compliance Check: China – Social Insurance Obligations

Under PRC law, employers are required to pay social insurance premiums for employees. The social insurance premiums cover basic endowment, medical, employment–related injury, unemployment and maternity insurance. Non-compliance with these requirements can result in administrative penalties, claims by employees and… Read more

Australia: Superannuation Guarantee and Annual Leave Loading

Our financial services team have posted an update on compliance obligations for annual leave loading and superannuation guarantee obligations. Click here to discover more. In addition, our colleagues at Greenwoods + Herbert Smith Freehills have posted their article Superannuation Guarantee owed… Read more

France: Recent and Upcoming Labour Reforms

Several important employment law reforms have come into force recently or will come into force shortly, both at the EU and French level. Below are some of the changes to expect for 2019: ... Read more

Recruitment and protection of talent: a boardroom issue for pharma

Our article Recruitment and protection of talent: a boardroom issue for pharma is available on our pharma hub here. Technological advancement is key amongst the forces driving change in the pharmaceutical healthcare sectors, with businesses increasingly partnering with non-traditional players such… Read more

UK: revised corporate governance code

The FRC has published a new version of the UK Corporate Governance Code applicable to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. The changes include a requirement to have a board-monitored whistleblowing mechanism and a mechanism for workforce… Read more

Asia: Using Incentives to Effectively Retain Key Employees

Effective remuneration and incentive models are crucial to ensuring that management teams and key personnel are incentivised to stay with the business and contribute to its on-going success. This is a particular concern for investors following an acquisition. There are… Read more

Hong Kong: Labour Department Enforcement Actions in 2017

The Legislative Council Panel on Manpower has released a report on enforcement actions taken by the Labour Department during 2017 (Paper) which shows an increase in the number of convictions for breaches of the Employment Ordinance (EO) and other labour… Read more

Indonesia: Minimum wage – compliance check

On 16 November 2017, the recently elected Governor of Jakarta stipulated the new provincial minimum wage of DKI Jakarta for 2018 in the amount of IDR 3,648,035.82 (or equivalent to approximately USD 270) through Governor Regulation No. 182 of 2017… Read more

France: Obligations in relation to private health insurance

An employer must give to each employee (in French) at the commencement of their employment contract an explanatory note (notice d’information) clarifying their rights to private health insurance for health expenses (additional reimbursement coverage including for medical expenses, hospital expenses,… Read more