Spain: new remote work regulations

On 23 September 2020, the Spanish Official State Journal (Boletín Oficial del Estado) published Royal Decree-law 28/2020, of 22 September (“RDL 28/2020”), on remote work. The new regulation will enter into effect 20 days after its publication, in all matters relating to the regulation of this form of work. As pointed out in the new … Read more

Spain: Expired collective bargaining agreement may remain applicable

The Spanish Supreme Court's judgment of 22 December 2014 has recently been published, establishing binding legal precedent with regard to the extended application of collective bargaining agreements (known as ultractividad) and the impact on employment relationships of the expiry of a collective bargaining agreement and failure to negotiate a new one. Read more

Spain: New legislation to promote employment

In December 2014 the Spanish Government approved the Royal Decree-Law 16/2014, which regulates the Special Program for Employment Activation. The main aims of this legislation are to : facilitate increased employment rates through employment policies; encourage the employer's maintenance of employment contracts where business activity is interrupted by force majeure; and support the unemployed with … Read more

Spain: Annulment of dismissals of top executives

In its decision dated 18 June 2012, the Spanish Supreme Court declared that the dismissal of a top executive was null and void due to breach of his fundamental rights. Although a top executive employment contract is based on a relationship of trust and good faith between the parties, industrial action on the part of … Read more