UK: recent tribunal cases highlight importance of neurodiversity awareness

Recent cases have highlighted the importance of HR teams and managers having a basic knowledge of the types of challenges neurodivergent individuals can face in dealing with common recruitment and workplace processes and practices, but not assuming that everyone with a given condition will have the same difficulties.  It will always be important to obtain … Read more

UK: changes to flexible work request rights in the offing

The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill received Royal Assent on 20 July 2023. It requires regulations to be implemented, but once in force will: allow employees to make two (rather than one) flexible working requests in any 12 month period (but there can only be one live application at a time), require employers to consult … Read more

E&W: ET Presidential Guidance on Alternative Dispute Resolution introduces potential for mandatory disputes resolution appointments

The President of the Employment Tribunals (Barry Clarke) recently published new Guidance on Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR“). For the most part this is sensible updating of the Guidance issued by his predecessor in 2018, outlining the different forms of ADR that parties are encouraged to use.  However it introduces a new form of ADR for … Read more

UK: Anti-suit injunction granted to protect English domiciled employee’s right to be sued only in English court and prevent US employer suing in New York

The English High Court has granted an anti-suit injunction to prevent a US employer continuing New York proceedings against an English-domiciled employee in a dispute about entitlement to bonus payments: Gagliardi v Evolution Capital Management LLC [2023] EWHC 1608 (Comm). The decision shows that an English court will ordinarily grant an anti-suit injunction to protect a UK-domiciled … Read more