Australia: Podcast on proposed whistleblower legislation reforms

As part of HSF’s series on the employment and industrial relations reforms leading up to the Australian Federal Election, our latest podcast focuses on the proposed reforms to whistleblower legislation and how similar laws have operated in the US, including the impact they have had upon business. It’s essential listening to assist understanding of the … Read more

UK: allegation of defamation can be protected whistleblowing disclosure

The EAT in Ibrahim v HCA International has confirmed that an employee’s disclosure complaining of false rumours circulating about him was an allegation of failure to comply with a legal obligation (ie, defamation). It was therefore capable of amounting to a qualifying disclosure for the purposes of whistleblowing protection, notwithstanding the employee’s failure to use … Read more

UK: revised corporate governance code

The FRC has published a new version of the UK Corporate Governance Code applicable to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. The changes include a requirement to have a board-monitored whistleblowing mechanism and a mechanism for workforce engagement, additional diversity reporting requirements and a greater focus on diversity in succession planning, and … Read more