Australia: WA Government’s response to ‘Enough is Enough’

On 21 September 2022 the WA Government tabled its response (Response) to the ‘Enough is Enough’ report (Report) made by the Western Australian Parliament’s Community Development and Justice Standing Committee following the Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry (Inquiry). Read more

The Third Wheel Podcast Series: ESG in Australia Episode 21 – The role of challenge, discomfort and humility in positive workplace cultures with Professor Brock Bastian

By Nerida Jessup and Drew Pearson  In this episode, our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team take the wheel, with Nerida Jessup and Drew Pearson hosting special guest, Professor Brock Bastian, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne. They build upon an earlier episode and the concept that good work is good for people, by delving into some of the … Read more

UK: tribunal rulings extend scope of protected philosophical beliefs

Employers should keep a watchful eye on the steady stream of cases challenging the boundaries of the protection for philosophical and religious beliefs.  Employee activism and use of social media mean the potential for a clash of opposing beliefs in the workplace will only increase; a considered, sensitive response that does not take sides will … Read more

UK: pandemic-related leave policy was not discriminatory

Employers who put in place advantageous leave policies for those needing to shield or look after children during the pandemic lockdowns will not be liable for discrimination claims just because the policy could have been even more favourable. In Cowie v Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, employees were offered a new type of discretionary paid leave … Read more

Global Employment Risk: An interactive guide

Since the onset of the pandemic, our global employment team has been monitoring the level and changing nature of risks around the world.  Whilst some trends have accelerated i.e. whistleblowing regulations, there are some new and important developments that pose significant employment risks. We have mapped these across the major financial centers using an interactive … Read more

UK: recent decisions highlight importance of employers checking PHI terms

A recent Court of Appeal ruling reiterates the need for employers to ensure contractual terms setting out PHI entitlement are appropriately limited – and to take advice before making changes to PHI insurance. The ruling in Amdocs Systems Group v Langton makes clear that an employer wishing to limit PHI benefits to whatever is covered … Read more