Australia: COVID-19 – What happened this week in Employment

In this summary, we bring you our most recent insights for the week on immediate and evolving employment issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Drew Pearson, Partner in our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team, explores the JobKeeper Payment announcement and the latest employment implications in our COVID-19 Webinar series. We have also … Read more

Australia: Long service leave in Victoria is about to get more flexible

Victoria’s long service leave regime is set to become more flexible for employees, with the second reading of the Long Service Leave Bill 2017 (Vic) moved today in the Victorian Legislative Assembly. The Bill proposes a number of important changes from the current 1992 Act, each of which would make it easier for employees to access, accumulate, or take long … Read more

Asia: Comparing employment laws across the region

We asked our lawyers to tell us three need-to-know employment law facts in Singapore, Hong Kong, PRC, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Japan. The results show that while there are some similarities across the region, there are also some very interesting differences. The table can be accessed here. Read more

Australia: Coalition Government Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014

On 27 February 2014, the Government introduced the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2014 (FWA Bill), which gives effect to a number of aspects of the Coalition's Policy to Improve the Fair Work Laws. Key amendments include: tightening right of entry rules for unions;  introducing mechanisms to overcome impasses in bargaining for greenfields agreements; prohibiting the … Read more

Australia: Does ‘flexible work’ really work?

Returning to work after a period of parental leave is a key crunch point in a worker’s career. Handled well, this transition can be a smooth and positive experience for employees and their employers, with win-win outcomes for them both. Handled poorly, it can be frustrating and inefficient (at best) or disastrous (at worst). Many … Read more

Australia: Further IR reforms remain on government’s agenda

The Federal Government recently released the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2013 (Bill), which includes further proposed changes to the Fair Work legislation. The reforms are a mixture of changes arising out of the Fair Work Act Review Panel’s Report released on 15 June 2012, and other substantive changes arising from the government’s recent policy announcements which focus … Read more