France: Recent and Upcoming Labour Reforms

Several important employment law reforms have come into force recently or will come into force shortly, both at the EU and French level. Below are some of the changes to expect for 2019: Read more

France: The Loi Travail – Introduction

One of Emmanuel Macron’s key campaign promises was the reform of laws relating to employees partly, in order to help French companies respond in a more flexible manner to the challenges they are facing to become more competitive in the global market and encourage the creation of jobs. Read more

France: Flexible working time arrangements – for businesses applying the SYNTEC collective bargaining agreement

Employer and trade union organisations in industries applying the SYNTEC collective bargaining agreement (including in particular a number of consultancy businesses and professional service firms in France) have now reached agreement on an amendment to the national collective bargaining agreement to permit the continued use of forfait jours arrangements.  The agreement was signed on 1 … Read more

France: New rights to workers and greater flexibility to employers

After several months of negotiations between the French social partners, employers' associations and employee trade unions, a national inter-professional agreement on French employment was reached on 11 January 2013.  This agreement, approved by all employers' associations and 3 out of 5 of the employee trade unions, provides new rights to workers and greater flexibility to … Read more