Australia: Increasing WorkSafe oversight and decreasing NDAs – Victorian Government responds to recommendations of the Ministerial Taskforce on Workplace Sexual Harassment

This week, the Victorian Government released its response to the recommendations of the Ministerial Taskforce on Workplace Sexual Harassment. In its response, the Victorian Government has acknowledged that work-related gendered violence and workplace sexual harassment are OHS issues, and accepted 21 of the Taskforce’s 26 recommendations (either entirely, or in part or in principle). Read more

UK: tribunal confirms long Covid symptoms could amount to disability

A recent tribunal ruling serves as a reminder that employers dealing with an employee off sick with ‘long Covid’ should carefully consider whether the individual could be disabled within the statutory definition, bearing in mind evidence that it is common for symptoms to fluctuate and that some individuals do continue to suffer for 12 months. … Read more

Australia: Changes to the Model Work Health and Safety Laws

Last month, SafeWork Australia revealed a suite of significant changes to the Model Work Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice (Model Law). The changes follow a number of recommendations that arose from Marie Boland’s independent review of the content and operation of the Model Law (Boland Review) in 2018.  In May 2021, … Read more

Covid-19: new 1 April guidance for employers in England

On 1 April 2022 the UK Health Security Agency published new guidance for employers in England, replacing the previous “Working safely” guidance notes (no longer available).  As set out in the Government’s Living with Covid plan (see our blog post here), Reducing the spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, in the workplace sets out how … Read more