Australia: Scrutinising the gaps – WGEA publishes private sector gender pay gaps

Recently, for the first time in Australia, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) revealed the gender pay gaps of nearly 5,000 individual private sector employers in Australia. The WGEA has used that data to publish its Employer Gender Pay Gaps Snapshot. The data, which covers the Gender Equality Reporting period from 1 April 2022 – … Read more

Webinar: A regional comparison of AI in the workplace

Words of warning for employers: a regional comparison of AI in the workplace Tuesday, 20 February 2024, East and West time zones accommodated. As the digital revolution accelerates, employers are eagerly adopting new technologies with significant impacts on the workforce. Are you part of the 20% of employers who never consult employee representatives before introducing a … Read more

Balancing Acts – The Future of Work Report 2023

New challenges, new norms  Our last Future of Work report was written during a period of upheaval, with the Covid-19 pandemic necessitating new ways of working and social movements – including Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, #StopAsianHate and growing climate activism – changing expectations of internal and external stakeholders. Now the pandemic has abated but new … Read more

Australia: Talking Shop EP11 – Unpacking the Australian Closing Loopholes Bill: What this means for consumer sector employers

Natalie Gaspar joins Aoife Xuereb to discuss the Australian Federal Government’s proposed changes to employment and industrial relations, following the introduction of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes Bill) 2023 (Cth). Natalie delves into how these reforms could impact employers in the consumer sector, including in relation to casual employment, fixed term contracts, wage theft compliance, gig-economy participants and … Read more

The Australian Government Tables Closing Loopholes Bill: What It Means For Your Business

On 4 September 2023, the Federal Government introduced the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023 (Cth) (Bill) in the House of Representatives. This Bill is significant, running to 278 pages and covering 28 distinct parts. It proposes reforms that will have a substantial impact on employers, employees, principals, and contractors. In many respects, the Bill … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update: July 2023

This month’s update covers the following: the upward revision in minimum salary and recent average salary figures in major cities across Mainland China, here. in South Korea, the Supreme Court abolished the long-standing “social norms reasonableness” exception. The Court held that the consent of the majority trade union or employees must be obtained before making … Read more