Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update – April 2022

Our April update covers the following: recent developments in Hong Kong in the mental health and discrimination space: read our summary of C v The Chinese University of Hong Kong here in the PRC, our dual language article focuses on the development of a new trade secrets law in Singapore, the case of Dong Wei … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update – March 2022

Our March update covers the following: a review of the recent case of MAK v LA [2022] HKCFI 285 in Hong Kong, which considered conflicting dispute resolution clauses in an employment contract and bonus letter, and the need for employers to adopt express, clear and consistent provisions in the PRC, the central government continues to … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update – February 2022

Our February update covers the following: the recent decision in Haden v Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited [2022] HKDC 152 in Hong Kong considered the issue of appropriate comparators and causation in discrimination claims. Read the case update here. employers conducting background checks in the PRC may no longer have to rely on candidates providing the relevant … Read more

Asia Employment, Pensions and Incentives Update – January 2022

Our January update covers the following: a decision from the apex court in Malaysia which held that where employment is terminated, an employer can only rely on reasons present at the time of the dismissal to justify such a decision. Factors that come to light subsequently cannot be considered.  Read our case note here. in … Read more

Greater China: key employment issues for the year ahead

Two years of upheaval have brought about new ways of working and new challenges for employers. Our Greater China employment team reflects on important themes that have emerged and which will continue to shape the year ahead for employers in China. Ranging from managing employee mental health and remote working to protecting teams and trade … Read more