EU: draft guidelines on GDPR extra-territoriality published

On 23 November 2018, the European Data Protection Board published its draft guidelines on Article 3 of the GDPR, being the provision that sets out the territorial scope of Europe's data protection legislation. The GDPR seeks (via Article 3) to extend… Read more

Recruitment and protection of talent: a boardroom issue for pharma

Our article Recruitment and protection of talent: a boardroom issue for pharma is available on our pharma hub here. Technological advancement is key amongst the forces driving change in the pharmaceutical healthcare sectors, with businesses increasingly partnering with non-traditional players such… Read more

Is there a role for ADR in employment disputes?

The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series is a unique and ambitious initiative to inform how civil and commercial disputes are resolved in the 21st century, collating views from over 4000 people at 28 conferences spanning 24 countries worldwide. Herbert Smith Freehills teamed… Read more

EU: Commission publishes draft whistleblowing directive

The European Commission has published a new draft directive to strengthen whistleblower protection across the EU.  The proposal is to provide EU-wide protection for blowing the whistle on breaches of specified types of EU legislation (for example, legislation on financial… Read more

EU: Data Use – Protecting a critical resource

Described by some as the “new oil” for the digital economy, there is no doubt that data are now seen as critical for organisations to succeed. Data are a powerful and lucrative fuel for productivity. If not adequately protected, data… Read more

Germany: New legislation for temporary agency workers

Effective 1 April 2017, the legislator has made several amendments to the German Act on Temporary Work (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungesetz). The changes have been awaited for quite some time now and bring several amendments and clarifications of high relevance to all companies… Read more

Germany: Changes to maternity rights

Recently, the German Federal Cabinet approved the draft law which provides for new regulations on maternity protection. The reform will become effective as from 1 January 2017. ... Read more

UK: HSF Global Guide to Whistleblowing

Herbert Smith Freehills has published the first edition of a Global Guide to Whistleblowing, providing a quick reference guide to the law and culture around employees 'blowing the whistle' in 40 key jurisdictions covering in EMEA, the Americas and Asia… Read more

Germany: Quota for women on supervisory and management boards

In December 2014, the German government adopted a legislative draft which provides for a quota for women on supervisory boards and certain management positions, applicable as of 2016.  The draft will now be considered by the German parliament but is likely… Read more

Germany: Statutory minimum wage introduced

The German government has implemented for the first time a general statutory minimum wage, in force from 1 January 2015. Generally, all employees working in Germany will be entitled to a minimum wage of €8.50 gross per hour. Any benefits… Read more