UK: April 2024 HR checklist

This April sees a raft of employment law changes coming into force, requiring employers to update staff policies and ensure that managers are briefed.  Below is a quick checklist, along with links to our earlier more detailed posts. The post has also been updated with guidance published by the government/ Acas on 6 April.     Please … Read more

UK: tribunal rulings re-emphasise need for balanced and nuanced approach when dealing with beliefs in the workplace

A run of recent tribunal and EAT cases highlights once again the challenges facing employers dealing with the expression of protected beliefs in and outside the workplace. A key takeaway is the importance of employers avoiding knee-jerk reactions, of investigating thoroughly and not simply assuming that, because some people have taken offence at the expression … Read more

UK: EAT rules that dismissal for thoughtless breach of ‘zero tolerance’ policy was fair, notwithstanding unblemished long service

The EAT has confirmed that an employer may be able to dismiss fairly for conduct which, though not malicious or intentionally discriminatory, it reasonably considers to be seriously thoughtless or lacking in insight, negligent or reckless.  The fact that such conduct breaches a clear ‘zero tolerance’ policy, particularly where this has been publicised to the … Read more

Webinar recording: A regional comparison of AI in the workplace

Words of warning for employers: a regional comparison of AI in the workplace As the digital revolution accelerates, employers are eagerly adopting new technologies with significant impacts on the workforce. Are you part of the 20% of employers who never consult employee representatives before introducing a new technology that will affect staff? We understand that these … Read more

UK: failure to contact Acas before proposing dismissal and re-engagement will be breach of statutory code under revised draft

The Government has published a revised draft of its proposed statutory code on dismissal and re-engagement, following consultation on an earlier draft last year.  It now awaits parliamentary approval, and the Government expects to bring it into force ‘later in the Summer’.  The draft has been extensively re-ordered and duplication removed in response to criticism … Read more