Employment Espresso Pods: Labour’s Proposals: Part 1

In the first of a new season of Employment Espresso Pods, Partner Tim Leaver, together with Consultant Peter Frost and Senior Associate Sian McKinley, discuss the key employment-related proposals put forward by the Labour Party in its Green Paper last year and the recent party conference.   Particularly eye-catching proposals on Labour’s agenda discussed in … Read more

Australia: Talking Shop EP11 – Unpacking the Australian Closing Loopholes Bill: What this means for consumer sector employers

Natalie Gaspar joins Aoife Xuereb to discuss the Australian Federal Government’s proposed changes to employment and industrial relations, following the introduction of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes Bill) 2023 (Cth). Natalie delves into how these reforms could impact employers in the consumer sector, including in relation to casual employment, fixed term contracts, wage theft compliance, gig-economy participants and … Read more

Class Actions in England and Wales podcast series: Episode 8 – Employment

In this podcast, Andrew Taggart, Jenny Andrews, Sian McKinley and Maura McIntosh discuss the types of dispute that are most frequently brought as employment class actions, the procedures that apply, and the strategic challenges and issues that arise for those defending such claims. The presenters are all authors of Class Actions in England and Wales, a textbook … Read more

Banking on people in an age of digital transformation: Banks and social shifts

Banks and social shifts: their impact on staff. Has the social and cultural landscape shifted in a way that benefits employees or their employer? Are employees more mobile, or can organisations find new ways to retain top talent? With a focus on finance, Christine Young, Jenny Andrews and Adam Hylton explore how digital transformation, fostering … Read more

The Third Wheel Podcast Series: ESG in Australia Episode 26 – International Women’s Day with Stella

By Nerida Jessup and Natalie Gaspar In celebration of International Women’s Day, partners Nerida Jessup and Natalie Gaspar from our employment, IR and safety practice speak with Jaclyn Booton, Executive Director of the Stella Prize, a major literary award celebrating Australian women’s writing. They reflect on 10 years of Stella and its significant influence on a more vibrant and equitable … Read more

Inside IR: The Australian Industrial Relations Podcast – EP1: Jobs & Skills Summit, Part 1 – Multi-employer bargaining and termination of enterprise agreements

By Rohan Doyle and Natalie Gaspar In our very first episode of Inside IR, partners Rohan Doyle and Natalie Gaspar begin their deep dive into the Federal Government’s recent Jobs & Skills Summit. We look at some of the key areas of focus coming out of the Summit, namely the proposal to limit the ability … Read more

The Third Wheel Podcast Series: ESG in Australia Episode 21 – The role of challenge, discomfort and humility in positive workplace cultures with Professor Brock Bastian

By Nerida Jessup and Drew Pearson  In this episode, our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team take the wheel, with Nerida Jessup and Drew Pearson hosting special guest, Professor Brock Bastian, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne. They build upon an earlier episode and the concept that good work is good for people, by delving into some of the … Read more

The Third Wheel Podcast Series: ESG in Australia Episode 20 – Board accountability and reporting on workplace misconduct

By Nerida Jessup, Anna Creegan and Lucy Boyd In this episode, our Employment, Industrial Relations and Safety team take the wheel again, with Nerida Jessup hosting special guests Anna Creegan and Lucy Boyd. Nerida, Anna and Lucy have a conversation around how organisations are responding to the increased community and shareholder expectations on transparency around sexual harassment and other workplace … Read more