UK: The Financial Services Bill – remuneration aspects

The Government has now published its much-touted Financial Services Bill which, according to the HM Treasury press notice, includes “tougher rules on pay and bonuses that will ensure remuneration policies do not contribute to excessive risk taking”. Read more

Global convergence of the regulation of financial sector remuneration

Remuneration excesses in the financial sector are widely blamed (whether rightly or wrongly) for contributing to the 2008 financial crisis. During 2009 political leaders in many of the advanced economies of the world have devoted much effort to developing policies and principles to ensure financial sector pay will in future take account of risk. In … Read more

UK: FSA publishes Remuneration Policy Statement

Following completion of its consultation on proposals to implement a code of practice on remuneration policies, the FSA has published the responses received and the decisions that it has taken on the application of the Code. Read more

UK: Reforming remuneration practices in financial services – the FSA’s consultation

The FSA's consultation paper CP09/10, entitled "Reforming remuneration practices in financial services", made its appearance in the wake of the publication of the Turner Review and associated discussion paper this month.   Both the proposals on which the FSA is consulting, and the consultation timeline, have moved on from proposals made when a draft Code of … Read more