Australia: Changes to Fair Work legislation

There have been recent changes to the Fair Work legislation in the following areas:  transfer of business bargaining time limitations for unfair dismissal and general protections claims costs superannuation default funds in modern awards, and the operation of the Fair Work Commission (previously Fair Work Australia). Read more

UK: New resources – November 2012

MoD consultation (closing date 18 January 2013) on reform of the reserve forces regime, including possible legislation to prevent discrimination against reservists  Acas factsheets for employers on managing social networking a new Opportunity Now guide "Changing gear", outlining ten steps that employers can take to influence the pace of women's progression in the workplace ABI revised … Read more

The employment and social security implications of the strike in Spain

The largest of Spain's trade unions, including CCOO and UGT, called a general strike on 14 November 2012.  This is the second general strike to take place in Spain in 2012 and coincides with a series of demonstrations across Europe.  Support for the strike has varied from region to region and across business sectors.  Our … Read more

UK: Union recognition – union can apply to CAC where employees sufficiently strongly connected to GB

The High Court has decided that a bargaining unit of pilots working for a UK registered company in several European countries was sufficiently strongly connected to Great Britain to enable the trade union to seek statutory recognition for collective bargaining from the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC). Relevant factors included that the employment contracts were governed … Read more

Spain: collective bargaining agreements

A decision of the Spanish national appeals court (Audiencia Nacional) dated 10 September 2012 consolidates the new structure of collective bargaining approved by the Spanish Labour Reform Act. The decision confirms the primacy of the plant-level CBA over the sector-wide CBA in respect of regulations governing salaries and other basic labour conditions, as provided by … Read more

Spain: II Agreement on Employment and Collective Bargaining 2012, 2013 and 2014

In the context of the profound reform that is being undertaken in the Spanish labour market, one of the most significant changes expected affects the regulation of collective bargaining. An agreement was recently signed on 25 January 2012 by the most representative organisations at a state level in Spain – namely the employer associations CEOE … Read more