UK: Legislative proposals – surrogacy

The Government is considering the possibility of granting leave and pay for mothers of children born by surrogates.  Surrogacy UK is supporting a court claim that the lack of paid leave is contrary to human rights. Read more

Bahrain introduces a new Labour Law

The Kingdom of Bahrain has introduced a new labour law for the private sector (Law No. 36 of 2012), issued by the King of Bahrain at the end of July.  According to reports, the new Labour Law includes the following measures: an increase in annual leave from 21 days (or 28 days after five years' … Read more

Malaysia: Employment Act amendments and minimum wage

Several amendments to Malaysia’s Employment Act (EA) came into operation on 1 April 2012. Key changes include a new sexual harassment regime, the extension of maternity leave entitlements, notification requirements for a foreign employee’s termination of employment and personal liability for officers of corporate entities. The wages threshold which determines whether the EA applies to … Read more

UK: Queen’s Speech sheds light on new legislative framework

Jemima Coleman considers the next steps in the government’s proposed overhaul of employment legislation The article, first published in the Employment Law Journal,  examines the key employment law reforms set out in the Enterprise Bill and the Crime and Courts Bill, the likely content of the Families Bill and how the proposals may work in … Read more

UK: Marital status discrimination – previous EAT ruling incorrect

Employers can continue to apply particular rules to married employees (or registered civil partners) provided that those in a close unmarried relationship are treated in the same way. A recent EAT case decided that treating an employee less favourably because they are married to a particular person is unlawful marital status discrimination, even where they would have been … Read more