China: Employers in China obliged to keep personal data confidential

Data protection in China has been regularly in the news this year. Not only have new data protection regulations been issued, but prosecutions have increased dramatically. Employers need to be aware of their obligations and the risks involved. In terms of prosecutions, Dun & Bradstreet reportedly had four of its Chinese employees jailed in January … Read more

Singapore: Data protection guidelines issued for Singapore

Following a public consultation conducted between February and April this year, Singapore's relatively newly formed Personal Data Protection Commission has issued two sets of advisory guidelines relating to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (which comes into effect in earnest in 2014). Singapore is not the only Asia-Pacific country where there have been developments in … Read more

UK: New resources

The Information Commissioner's Office has published a code of practice on dealing with subject access requests. Age Action Alliance has published a new employer resource and associated leaflet to provide employers with practical solutions for managing a healthy and productive ageing workforce. Read more

Asia: Bring your own device (BYOD) arrangement – benefits and tips

Bring your own device ("BYOD") is a practice that allows employees to use personal mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops for business purposes. Whilst there are apparent benefits for enabling employees with mobile technology, employers should be aware of the commercial and legal issues that may arise and give due regard to security … Read more

Singapore: Personal Data Protection Act

The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act of 2012, Act 26 of 2012 (PDPA) was enacted at the end of 2012 and parts relating to the administration of the PDPA came into force on 2 January 2013. The main data protection rules will take effect in mid-2014. There are also specific exemptions which apply in relation … Read more