Australia: Termination clauses in senior executive contracts

The Supreme Court of Western Australia has awarded a Managing Director in excess of AUD$1.5 million in damages for wrongful dismissal. The decision serves as a helpful reminder of the importance of carefully drafted termination clauses in senior executive contracts. Read more

Spain: 2012 Labour Market Reform declared constitutional

In a judgment dated 16 July 2014, the Spanish Constitutional Court rejected, by a large majority, an appeal lodged by the Parliament of Navarra in which it requested that three provisions of the 2012 Labour Market Reform be declared unconstitutional. As a result, the following measures have been declared to be constitutional: Read more

UK: Key employment law changes in force 1 October 2014

Employment tribunals now have the power to order an employer who has breached equal pay law to carry out an equal pay audit and publish the audit on its external website for three years. The new power will apply to claims brought on or after 1 October.  Employers will need to factor this into decisions … Read more