UK: HSF Global Guide to Whistleblowing

Herbert Smith Freehills has published the first edition of a Global Guide to Whistleblowing, providing a quick reference guide to the law and culture around employees 'blowing the whistle' in 40 key jurisdictions covering in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Read more

France: Macron law adopted

Law n°2015 990 for growth, activity and equality of economic opportunities, the Macron Law, was finally adopted on 6 August 2015. This law covers a wide range of matters from Sunday working, reform of regulated legal professions to driving licences. Read more

France: Introduction of a cap for Employment Tribunal awards

The French Government has proposed a new law intended to cap tribunal damages awards in respect of unlawful dismissals. The bill has not yet been finally adopted but is close to finalisation. Due to its highly political nature, it is still subject to discussions and may be further amended. Read more

Updated HSF multi-jurisdictional guide to employee issues in business transfers

We have recently updated our multi-jurisdictional guide discussing potential employee issues in business transfers (first published in October 2013). The second edition reflects the law as at February 2015. The guide is a quick reference tool covering the key legal requirements in 32 jurisdictions in EMEA, South and Central America and Asia-Pacific, in a simple … Read more

France: Alerting employees to heightened risk of ‘fake chairperson’ frauds

"Fake Chairman" frauds follow roughly the same scenario: the author of the fraud impersonates the Chairman or another senior employee or director of the company (for example by appearing to use their e-mail address), and asks an employee (usually working in the finance or accounting department) to make a confidential and urgent wire transfer to … Read more