Australia: Victoria – Labour Hire Licensing Scheme introduced

Following an inquiry into work arrangements in the labour hire industry, the Victorian Government has recently introduced the Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 (Bill). The Bill establishes a licensing scheme for labour hire providers and creates civil and criminal offences for breaches of the scheme. The stated object of the Bill is to prevent vulnerable … Read more

Australia: New enterprise, existing employees: the High Court says Yes

The High Court has confirmed that an enterprise agreement for a new enterprise can be made with existing employees who have agreed to work, but are not at that time actually working, as employees in the new enterprise. The High Court’s decision may provide employers with an increased ability to negotiate enterprise agreements for new … Read more

Australia: Employers get the good oil on strikes and coercion

In Esso Australia Pty Ltd v The Australian Workers Unions [2017] HCA 54, the High Court of Australia held that: Where a person contravenes an order in relation to an enterprise agreement or matter arising from bargaining, that person remains precluded from taking protected industrial action after the expiry of the contravened order, until the … Read more

Australia: South Australia Labour Hire Licensing Bill Passes

The Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 (SA) (the SA Bill) was passed on 29 November 2017 by the Legislative Council of the South Australian Parliament and the licensing scheme is set to commence on 1 March 2018. Labour hire service providers will have six months from commencement to obtain a licence. The Bill closely follows … Read more

France: The Loi Travail – Briefing 2

This briefing summarises the Macron reforms to consolidate works councils and other employee representative bodies, through the ordonnance on “the new organisation of social and economic dialogue and encouraging the exercise and importance of trade union responsibilities”. Read more

France: The Loi Travail – Introduction

One of Emmanuel Macron’s key campaign promises was the reform of laws relating to employees partly, in order to help French companies respond in a more flexible manner to the challenges they are facing to become more competitive in the global market and encourage the creation of jobs. Read more