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UK: Discrimination – tax treatment of compensation, zero hours claims, and equal pay comparators

In Pettigrew v HMRC the First Tier Tribunal has held that settlement payments made by reference to underpaid past earnings arising out of a claim of discrimination against part-time workers were fully taxable as employment income. The appellant referred to … Continue reading

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UK: Employers can face ‘series of acts’ detriment claims from fixed-term employees where treatment spans a number of discrete fixed-term contracts

Where a fixed-term or part-time employee is subjected to less favourable treatment in the form of a series of similar acts or failures, the time limit for bringing a claim is three months from the last in the series. The … Continue reading

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France: Part-time workers in France – new restrictions for employers

With effect from 1 January 2014, any new contracts of employment for part-time workers cannot be for less than 24 hours per week (other than for certain limited exceptions). The exceptions are for the following:

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