Australia: The current position on industrial manslaughter by state and territory

We are witnessing a clear escalation in regulatory activity across Australia, most recently and very topical is the new Industrial Manslaughter (IM) offence.

Where a business is found to have negligently caused the death of a worker, the possible consequences for leadership, management and businesses are potentially significant. Senior officers (which includes everyone involved in management) could face up to 20 years jail time and businesses may be fined up to $10 million (or up to $16 million in Victoria). Continue reading

Australia: South Australia Labour Hire Licensing Bill Passes

The Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017 (SA) (the SA Bill) was passed on 29 November 2017 by the Legislative Council of the South Australian Parliament and the licensing scheme is set to commence on 1 March 2018. Labour hire service providers will have six months from commencement to obtain a licence. The Bill closely follows the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (Qld) which was passed in September 2017. Please see our earlier article relating to the scheme in Queensland for further detail.

A timeline for the publication of the Regulations supporting the SA Bill has not been made public. We expect that Regulations will be published before the scheme commences. Continue reading