Navigating the low oil price environment podcast series: Operator obligations: “reasonable and prudent” in challenging circumstances

What are the potential battle lines between the operator and non-operators in the low oil price environment?  How does the RPO manage competing commercial interests, such as divergence in availability of capital or attitude to decarbonisation?  Do the same considerations apply to sellers under long term contracts who have agreed to operate in accordance with … Read more

Federal government investment in emerging technologies and funding changes for ARENA and CEFC

This week the Australian federal government announced a $1.9 billion funding package targeting new and emerging technologies for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). This provides important funding certainty to ARENA and CEFC and is expected to substantially assist in Australia’s energy transition towards a lower emissions energy … Read more


Authors: Nila Wilde, Martin Kavanagh, Rebecca Major and Joanne Elson For Africa-focused developers and sponsors in the renewable energy market, ESG is likely in the forefront of your minds and it is important to show knowledge of what is expected in the responsible investing market in order to ensure swift project development and to enhance … Read more

600MW Round 2 Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) auction to drive Victoria’s Covid recovery

Victorian Government announce market sounding process to test industry interest and capacity for 600+ MW of new solar, wind and other renewable energy projects. Round 2 VRET auction The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, announced on 2 September 2020 the commencement of a market sounding process from interested proponents for the … Read more

What are a company’s legal obligations related to climate change (Japan)

For some time, it has been recognised that climate related risks should figure in long term planning for all organisations. There is now increasing appreciation of the extent to which climate change considerations are important to business decision making today, encompassing the physical changes to the environment resulting from climate change, and the transitional risks … Read more

Planning for the future of energy storage – a boost to the industry

The UK Government has announced legislation to change the consenting process for electricity storage projects. This is expected to provide a boost to the battery storage sector. Last November, we wrote a blog detailing the Government’s proposed changes in relation to energy storage under planning law. The Government is now proceeding with its proposals and … Read more