UK Energy Security Bill introduced amid political turmoil has wide-ranging implications for the energy sector

On 6 July 2022, a day of significant political uncertainty, the Government published its long-awaited Energy Security Bill. Notwithstanding the current political turmoil, this is expected to survive to become the most wide-ranging legislative reform of the UK’s energy market for several years. The Energy Security Bill (Bill) was published and introduced to Parliament for … Read more

Main novelties of Law Decree No. 50/2022 (D.L. Aiuti) on the energy sector

Law Decree 17 May 2022, No. 50 so-called Decreto aiuti (Decree) introduces a set of provisions in the fields of national energy policies, attraction of investments, and permitting procedures. In particular, a number of provisions are aimed at facing the challenges stemming from the Ukraine war both with temporary derogations to the permitting regime (art. 12) and … Read more

IP in the energy transition: An obstacle or a facilitator?

The Director of the US Patent and Trade Mark Office, Kathi Vidal, has described how important the US system of patent protection is to the development of a clean-energy future in an address to the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit (see the full address here). Read more


INTRODUCTION The Offshore Transmission Network Review (“OTNR“) was launched in July 2020 to ensure that transmission connections for offshore wind generation can be delivered to support the UK Government’s ambitions to increase offshore wind power to 40GW by 2030 and to deliver on its Net Zero ambitions. In April, Ofgem published two Minded-to Decisions as … Read more

Key energy takeaway’s from the Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech delivered on 10 May 2022 announced a new energy bill (the “Bill“), which expands on the UK Government’s Energy Security Strategy, announced in April 2022. The Bill aims to reduce the UK’s exposure to the volatility of global gas prices, focuses on developing an energy system based on renewable energy and low … Read more

Main novelties of Law Decree No. 17/2022 (D.L. Energia) on the energy sector

Law 27 April 2022, No. 34[1] converted with amendments Law Decree 1st March 2022, No. 17 concerning “Urgent measures to contain the cost of electricity and natural gas, develop renewables and relaunch industrial policies“, converted into (the “Decree“). The Decree, as amended, provides measures aiming both at increasing the energy production from renewable sources and simplifying the … Read more

GENEX meet BESS Challenges and Opportunities

The PFI Global Energy Report 2022 includes a case study on GENEX’s recent financial close on their stand-alone 50MW/100MWh lithium-ion Bouldercombe Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This article was written by members of Energy Sector team, partners Elizabeth Charlesworth, Peter Davis, and Kristen Percy, with solicitor Antonia Xu. To access the PFI Global Energy Report … Read more