Supply chain difficulties are at the heart of pressures facing many businesses. How does low the oil price create supply chain pressure points, and what is being done and can be done to alleviate them? Our Construction Disputes specialists Craig Shepherd (Partner), Emma Schaafsma (Partner) and Karan Talwar (Associate) discuss how the oil and gas sector has reacted to supply chain disruption and potential supplier insolvencies and consider what the future may look like in our latest podcast here.

The full series and accompanying articles can also be found on our website here. The series currently features episodes on

  • Allocating contractual risk and reward with host states in challenging times
  • How investment treaties can protect foreign investments against State action
  • Misalignment on expenditure: partner funding and sole risk
  • Payment defaults and avoiding the splintering of joint ventures

with upcoming episodes covering:

  • Take or pay, but at what price and when?
  • Storage, shut ins and de-commissioning

Key contacts

Craig Shepherd

Craig Shepherd
Global Head of Contentious Construction and Infrastructure, Tokyo
+81 35412 5456

Emma Schaafsma

Emma Schaafsma
Partner, London
+44 207 466 2597

Karan Talwar

Karan Talwar
Associate, London
+44 20 7466 6427