Have policymakers left us in energy limbo rather than transition?

As winter fast approaches for the Northern Hemisphere, crisis increasingly describes the state the global energy system has reached; right now it’s easy to confuse graphs of energy markets with illustrations of the latest crypto-currency fad. Natural gas, coal and electricity prices around the world are unprecedented. Everywhere you look there are record highs and dislocations.

A combination of post-pandemic recovery, extreme weather and turbulent geopolitics all played a role in the current crisis. But the underlying cause allowing such events to play out so poorly is a failure of policy making over many years to effectively manage the – admittedly hugely challenging – transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

How did we get here? How will the current drama unfold? And, most importantly, what can be done?

See our briefing here.

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Paul Butcher
Paul Butcher
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Lewis McDonald
Lewis McDonald
Global Head of Energy, London
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