Navigating the low oil price environment podcast: Supply chains in times of disruption: market reactions and the way forward

Supply chain difficulties are at the heart of pressures facing many businesses. How does low the oil price create supply chain pressure points, and what is being done and can be done to alleviate them? Our Construction Disputes specialists Craig Shepherd (Partner), Emma Schaafsma (Partner) and Karan Talwar (Associate) discuss how the oil and gas … Read more

Navigating the low oil price environment podcast series: Operator obligations: “reasonable and prudent” in challenging circumstances

What are the potential battle lines between the operator and non-operators in the low oil price environment?  How does the RPO manage competing commercial interests, such as divergence in availability of capital or attitude to decarbonisation?  Do the same considerations apply to sellers under long term contracts who have agreed to operate in accordance with … Read more