EP&C repost: Clean and just energy: How the renewable energy sector’s rapid growth can be managed without foregoing fundamental human rights

The renewable energy sector is leading the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, and was recognised again in the Climate Change Authority’s recent report as being fundamental to a sustainable recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. However, there is an increasing appreciation that ensuring immediate and long term steps in this clean energy transition also … Read more

Covid-19: Pressure Points: The impact on construction contracts – will the force majeure relief or other rights be available? (Global)

As the human cost of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV) continues to escalate, so too does the commercial and economic impact.  The economic effects are not confined to mainland China. Supply chain disruption is being felt worldwide, including in the construction industry as China plays a major role in parts manufacturing.  We are having an increasing number of enquiries from clients as to how to manage force majeure risk, both in terms of whether they should claim force majeure protection and in anticipation of receiving force majeure notices up the chain. Read more


Complex construction projects commonly give rise to disputes, which are often referred to arbitration. But what makes a construction arbitration different from any other type of commercial arbitration? We are pleased to share the first episode in our Construction Arbitration podcast series which explores in more detail what makes a construction arbitration different from any … Read more

Third party intervention in investment arbitration: Tribunal admits NGO submissions in Gabriel Resources’ claim against Romania concerning mining project

The Tribunal in Gabriel Resources v Romania recently issued an order (the Order) in response to an application (the Application) made by three Romanian NGOs, as non-disputing parties, for participation and an amicus submission (the Submission) in an ICSID arbitration under the Canada-Romania BIT (the BIT). Gabriel Resources’ allegations of breach of the BIT arise … Read more