Is Nuclear Power the solution to Australia’s energy transition?

The debate around whether nuclear power should be part of Australia’s future energy mix is again on the federal political agenda. This note looks at the arguments for and against the use of nuclear power in Australia and assesses whether nuclear power is a realistic solution to the requirements of Australia’s energy transition. Read more

Heritage today and tomorrow: An update on Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation in Western Australia

On Tuesday, the Western Australian State Government formally announced the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 (WA) will be repealed, just over a month after it commenced. Regulation of Aboriginal cultural heritage will revert back to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA). In this blog post, we explain what the repeal legislation contains, implications for companies operating during the transition period and what might be on the horizon over the next year in this space. Read more

Review of Queensland Wind Farm Development Code Announced

The Queensland Government has announced a review of the Wind Farm Code (State Code 23) and accompanying guidelines used in the planning assessment of wind farm applications. Community consultation on the proposed changes will take place from Monday 7 August 2023 until Monday 4 September 2023. Read more