Illawarra declared as the fifth and final REZ in NSW

The NSW Minister for Energy has declared a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) in the Illawarra region. Following a draft exhibition of the declaration in late 2022, this marks the first key step in establishing the Illawarra REZ under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020. Read more

Queensland Government signals significant changes to heritage legislation

The Queensland Government has adopted all 22 recommendations of the Queensland Heritage Advisory Panel’s report into heritage places. The recommendations include significant changes to the powers under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (Qld), including the introduction of interim protections for heritage places subject to listing applications and broadening the powers regarding the essential repair and maintenance of heritage places. Read more

The Third Wheel podcast series: ESG in Australia Episode 12

By Timothy Stutt and Melanie Debenham Episode 12 – Authenticity with James Palmer Tim and Mel discuss corporate purpose with HSF’s previous Chair and Senior Partner, James Palmer, one of the UK’s leading M&A, capital markets and corporate lawyers, with deep experience in corporate governance and regulation. James explores the overall framing of ESG, and the importance … Read more

The Third Wheel podcast series: ESG in Australia Episode 11

By Melanie Debenham Episode 11 –  #BreakTheBias with Rebecca Maslen-Stannage and Andrew Pike In this episode, Mel celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 with HSF’s Chair and Senior Partner, Rebecca Maslen-Stannage and Andrew Pike, Executive Partner for Asia and Australia. Rebecca and Andrew share some personal reflections on progress made, and remaining challenges, in achieving lasting … Read more