The election and the environment: what happens next?

The recent Australian Federal election has resulted in a change of government. While the government is settling in, our Environment, Planning and Communities partners set out their top 5 predictions for coming change on environmental matters, and where the priorities should lie. Read more

Thoughts on waste in NSW Part 1: Stockpiling, waste disposal and the EPA

A further development in the multi-round match between the NSW EPA, a waste company and the resource recovery exemption regime: the EPA has appealed for a second time. The Land and Environment Court criticised the EPA and its waste regime in the long-running Grafil prosecution. Subsequently, the Government has announced a review of the regime … Read more

Back from the tip(ping) point – Victoria’s 10-year circular economy strategy

The Victorian Government’s recent circular economy strategy outlines a bold plan to transform Victoria’s relationship with waste and recycling. The Recycling Victoria strategy represents a fundamental change of mindset and will require changed behaviours from industry and consumers. Businesses operating in this space should be aware of the investment opportunities presented by the changing waste landscape. Read more